Support for Minority People

The World Roma Federation is a registered New York nonprofit organization.  The Federation is comprised of 19 affiliate 

organizations located within 14 countries located throughout Europe, South America, and the states.  Together the organization along 

with its members set out to develop viable solutions for the Roma people (a recognized minority group persecuted for their ethnicity 

and cultural variance).  The Roma migrated around the 11th or 12th century from India into Europe.  Over the course of centuries, the 

Roma intermixed with Europeans, maintained their nomadic and diverse culture, but were never really considered European, rather 

refugees.  Till this day, the Roma are forced to live in camps or designated ghettos, refused government assistance, proper education, 

or the ability to work.  This is not a viable construct for any society because it will only perpetuate criminal behavior, which goes 

against the norms of society.  

       This increases taxation, jail population, more taxation of public resources to hire more police, etc.  By eliminating the social schism 

ultimately causing the rift perpetuated by poverty due to disadvantages of the environment by alienating  a single population, 

prohibiting equal opportunities to all constituents, only makes matters more problematic.  The Federation and its 

members see the only solution is to promote the self-worth of the population. Promote Roma pride increase awareness of the 

importance of integration and start creating sources to increase Roma presence reflective in the laws passed.  To date, the World 

Roma Federation and its members have developed English and Romani courses that are being launched in the Ukraine, Russia, and 

Romania.  WRF supplies food, clothes, and monetary aide to the Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Macedonia and other 

communistic fallen territories in Europe.  

      We promote and acquire funding to host rallies in solidarity against discrimination and the 

persecution of certain minority groups. Together as a united front we can do more to make a more integrative, diverse, and 

egalitarianist society.  By donating today to our go fund me page you will enrich the lives of disadvantage children by affording them 

with a viable education.  Grant Adults with the ability to receive the tools to obtain employment in order to sustain their families.   

Enable  the Federation and its members with the ability to begin the construction of viable, ecofriendly, and sanitary living conditions 

through the development of Roma colonies/settlements.   Your donations will promote and elevate the Roma people as we together 

fight against discrimination, oppression, and segregation.  Join us in our fight for a more utopian society for all people. 

                                                                                                                 OUR SOCIOECONOMIC GOALS      

                                                                                                                                The Roma Colony 2020

 The World Roma Federation (W.R.F) is a non-for-profit organization, working towards the advancement, security, and inclusion of the Roma people living in Eastern European societies.  The organization is currently working on implementing public service platforms with 21 other, (see link for further information: Cabinet members of the World Roma Federation) European countries in context to education, social development, housing, health and wellness, and Job placement.  

W.R.F is also working with local religious groups and churches, in Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and the Ukraine in order to allocate basic necessities for the Roma, such as clothes, hygiene products, drinkable water, can goods and other non-perishables, blankets, etc. 

The reason, our organizaiton has opted to create a  go fund me campaign, is to assist the Roma, by providing them with a more adequate living condition.  For the Roma people make a vast percentage of the homeless in Europe and most of them  with some form of  income are currently living in poverty. Subsequently, the living conditions of this disenfranchised minority group is not only, inhuman, it is barbaric and disgusting. 

Our organization questions, how first world and developing societies are so quick to assist other minority groups outside of European sovereign city-states, but fail to assist naturalized European citizens, which the Roma are, not saying that the circumstances of other minority groups should be minimized, it should be equal.  I believe that most social and civil rights activists will concur with such a conclusion. 

Here is a breakdown of what we are asking monetary aide for. 

We want to develop a Roma settlement for future generations. 

These settlements will enable the Roma to have autonomy and sustainability, no more roaming for the Roma. 

The Numbers 

The purpose of the funds: Is to begin the groundwork for the development of better living conditions for the Roma as depicted in the above picture.  Currently, many of the different Roma groups inhabiting Europe live in landfills.  The Roma use the garbage from the landfills to build their housing structures.  This is not only unsafe but also unsanitary.  A landfill is no place for humans to live; it is ripe with infestation and airborne micro pathogens, which is quintessential for the festering of disease and illness. Unfortunately, this is where the Roma people are placed when they migrate through Europe looking for work in order to feed and provide for their families.  The build will consist of over 200 multifamily units that will house many Roma families; the facilities will come with a library, pool, gym, playground, and vocational lab for providing training. 

View Poverty Project Paramaters 

How will the World Roma Federation distribute the 100,000.00 dollars?

1.   Land purchase

2.   Land excavation

3.   Permits

4.   Blue print design and implementation

When do we need the funds?

The project is set to begin in the fall of 2020  in Hungary. 

We thank you for all of your support and donations, which will greatly help the Roma people of Eastern Europe who are facing great hardship, segregation, poverty, discrimination and job loss.



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